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In-vitro fertilisation : “glue” to increase the chances of fixing the embryo

24 October 2014

  According to the Daily Mail newspaper, a British couple managed to have a baby after 15 years by using a new in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) technique: "embryoglu" or "colle embryonnaire" in...

Surgeons succeed in resuscitating and transplanting a "dead" heart

24 October 2014

On Friday, Australian surgeons at the Saint-Vincent Hospital in Sydney and the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute announced that they had succeeded, in a world first, in transplanting hearts...

Chromosome Y altered with age: increased risk of cancer?

23 October 2014

During the last annual congress of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) in San Diego, geneticists presented the results of a study according to which "the ageing-related loss of...

Japan: iPS cells provide cardiac tissue

23 October 2014

According to a study published in the British journal entitled Scientific Report, a team of Japanese scientists has succeeded in obtaining cardiac tissue membranes from induced pluripotent stem cells...

A paralysed man walks again following a nerve cell transplant

22 October 2014

In Poland, a British team led by Dr. Pawel Tabakow at the University of Wroclaw, has succeeded in making a man paralysed as far as his waist to walk again. According to an article published in the...

The United Kingdom – a leader in genomic medicine?

22 October 2014

Over the summer, British Prime Minister, David Cameron announced a series of financial investments in the field of genomic medicine. The aim? "To transform the way in which patients will be diagnosed...

Belgium: a second detainee requests euthanasia

22 October 2014

Held for nearly 30 years in a secure psychiatric centre of a prison near Anvers for the rape and murder of a 19 year old female student, Franck Van Den Bleeken requested euthanasia three years ago in...

The Holy See at the UN: "Too many children are deprived of the right to life"

21 October 2014

Before the third commission of the 69th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on 17 October 2014 on the subject of children’s rights, Monsignor Bernardito Auza, the Permanent Observer of the...

Jacques Testart: the freezing of oocytes - "extreme liberalism applied to procreation"

21 October 2014

Female employees who wish to pursue their careers are currently being offered finance by Facebook (soon to be followed by Apple) to freeze their oocytes – a practice deemed to be fairly controversial...

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21st Session of the UNESCO International Bioethics Committee in Paris: Gènéthique attended

30 September 2014

On 9 and 10 September 2014, Gènéthique attended an important event focusing on international reflection addressing bioethical issues at the Paris headquarters of UNESCO: the 21st Session of the International Bioethics Committee (IBC) and the Joint Session of the IBC and the Intergovernmental Bioethics Committee (IGBC). The IBC is the only international think tank addressing bioethical issues. It...

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