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Two years after the authorisation of 3-parent IVF in England - the downside of a hasty decision

27 June 2017

The first symposium focusing on the sociological aspects related to mitochondrial diseases and new reproductive technologies was held in...

United States: insurance companies prefer assisted dying to treatment

27 June 2017

In the United States, insurance companies in states where assisted suicide is now legal are refusing to cover vital treatment for some...

California: doctor accused of killing a child to harvest his organs

27 June 2017

In California, 4 years after the incident, a doctor is accused of killing a child to harvest his organs. An inquiry was launched on 12 June...

Three-parent IVF to rejuvenate eggs: a lucrative market

27 June 2017

The start-up company, Darwin Life, recently launched by American physician, John Zhang, offers three-parent IVF[1] (seeOne baby,...

In Angola, abortion is finally prohibited except in the case of rape or if the mother's life is in danger

27 June 2017

On revising its penal code, Angola wanted to re-examine abortion legislation.   In a bill adopted after the first reading by MPs...

Porcine cells to treat Parkinson's disease?

26 June 2017

Living Cell Technologies, a New Zealand company, is developing treatment using porcine cells transplanted to the brain of patients with...

California: more than 500 prescriptions one year on from the legalisation of medically assisted dying

26 June 2017

A study carried out by Compassion and Choices, one year after the legalisation of assisted suicide (see California's turn to legalise...

Born before the end of the legal time limit for abortion: the story of one of GB's most premature babies

26 June 2017

Baby Austin arrived on 31 March 2017, 18 weeks early. He didn't weigh more than 570 grams. His skin was so fine that his organs could be...

The Netherlands: the court authorises DNA sampling of a former sperm bank director

19 June 2017

On Friday, the Dutch courts authorised DNA sampling from the personal effects of Jan Karbaat, a former sperm bank director who died...

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United Kingdom: Abortions related to Down Syndrome on the rise

27 June 2017

In the UK, the minister for Health made public her annual report on “abortion statistics” mid-June. In 2016, 190 406 women aborted in the country. Among them, 3208 aborted after the diagnosis of a foetal abnormality (congenital malformations and chromosomal abnormalities), of which 706 because of Down Syndrome. There were as many as 689 abortions due to Down Syndrome in 2015. This is a 46%...

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