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One baby, three DNAs, 2 transgressions

20 December 2016

Yesterday, in Great-Britain, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority approved the law authorizing three-parent IVF to prevent the transmission of mitochondrial diseases. Jean-Marie Le Méné,...

Three-parent IVF attempts authorized in the UK

20 December 2016

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, an independent structure of the British Health Ministry has validated the 2005 law authorizing the creation of embryos using a three-parent IVF...

“Mater semper certa est”: motherhood shaken by medically assisted procreation and surrogacy

09 December 2016

“The mother is always certain” [1], as says the adage used as a guideline for the symposium held in Lyon last 24th and 25th November. One observation: medically assisted procreation and gestational...

Study on drug induced abortion: “I never experienced anything so painfull in my life. A pain impossible to descibe."

22 November 2016

This morning, the Fondation de L’Avenir made public the results of a study led in 11 hospital centres that included 453 women, to assess the levels of pain caused by abortion. A subject that is very...

The Council of Europe opposed to genetic discrimination

22 November 2016

At the end of October, the Council of Europe adopted a Recommandation that aims at banning genetic testing for insurance purposes. Through this text, the Council of Europe calls upon the governments...

[Movie] “Heal the living”: is the destiny of some people to heal others?

09 November 2016

Supported by formidable media backup, it seems impossible to miss the movie Heal the living. The story, an adaptation of the many-times awarded book from Maylis de Kerangal, had already been adapted...

Republican senators engage in the fight against surrogacy

09 November 2016

Concerned about the dispositions taken by the ECHR on gestational surrogacy, several senators[1], under the lead of the republican Jean-Pierre Leleux, tabled a draft law on October 20th 2016 “to...

The European Parliament asks for a “mechanism for democracy, rule of law and fundemental rights”

03 November 2016

  The draft resolution for the creation of a “European Union mechanism for democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights” was adopted on October 25th by the European Parliament. It was the...


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