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In the Netherlands, Noa Pothoven was not euthanized – she died of hunger and thirst

17 June 2019

After the announcement that a 17-year-old teenager was euthanized in the Netherlands on Thursday, denial bordering on relief soon circulated on the internet, and was very quickly relayed by the...

Surrogacy: the ECHR does not advocate transcribing birth certificates

29 April 2019

At the request of the French Court of Cassation, the ECHR issued an expected decision on the parentage of surrogate children on Wednesday: it states that recognition of this parentage is required in...

After Anne Ratier's video, "the danger that human beings will become ‘valueless’ is a threat for us"

02 April 2019

Last week, Hugo Clément, a journalist from Konbini interviewed Anne Ratier to mark the publication of her book "I gifted death to my son", published thirty years after the event. The philosopher and...

Investigation into "thousands" of sterilisations and forced abortions on Reunion Island in the 1960s

04 February 2019

A commission of inquiry[1] was set up at the French National Assembly on 19 December 2018 "to examine cases of sterilisation or forced abortion in Reunion Island in the 1960s and 1970s".   In...

Portugal: according to the Constitutional Court, none of the validated surrogacy contracts conforms

21 January 2019

In Portugal, Assembly of the Republic MPs have referred constitutionality issues concerning the law on surrogacy adopted in July 2016 to the Constitutional Court.   In its responses on...

"Transhumanism matrix and reconstruction of human beings - the result of in-vitro fertilisation"

27 November 2018

Behind medically assisted procreation, regardless of the outcome, stands a human being who can be manipulated, dissected, frozen and selected, and who is destined to respond to market solvency,...

Presumed consent in England and Scotland? One in ten people refuse to donate their organs

19 November 2018

Following on from Wales, which adopted this system in 2015, the British government is considering changing the organ donation system in England and Scotland to switch to presumed consent by 2020. The...

216,700 abortions in 2017: High time for a prevention policy?

19 October 2018

According to the figures[1] that have just been published by DREES[2], confirming 216,700 abortions in 2017 compared to 216,061 in 2016[3], the number of abortions carried out over the period is...


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