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Jewellery made from supernumerary embryos obtained after IVF

16 May 2017

Sordid. An Australian website, Baby Bee, offers women to make jewellery from their maternal milk, placenta, umbilical cord stem cells, from the ashes of a loved one, but also from supernumerary human...

NIPT included in the « tracking strategy of Down Syndrome »

16 May 2017

Published in the official journal of May 7th 2017, a decree signed on May 5th 2017 has just included NIPT in the list of authorized prenatal diagnosis tests, just a few days before the end of the...

Artificial womb or placenta? Research goes back to the 50s

03 May 2017

Last week, French media strongly echoed an American publication describing the development of premature lambs in an “artificial womb”. For Gènéthique, Jacques Suaudeau provided an analysis of the...

Reference point for a bioethical review of François Hollande’s mandate

03 May 2017

As the French president’s mandate is coming to its end, it makes sense to do a bioethics stocktaking[1]. Jean Marie Le Méné, President of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation speaks of the broad patterns...

Belgium caught red-handed promoting eugenics

26 April 2017

In Belgium, the Superior Health Council has just issued a notice concerning “generalized testing within the context of procreation”. Testing is suggested in order to identify recessive genetic...

Human genome manipulation: caught between Hippocrates and Bellerophon

26 April 2017

The ever-increasing knowledge we have of the living combined with technical advances enables researchers to make considerable progress in the care and therapies that are proposed to the sick. However...

Faced with Donald Trump, the European Union insists on making abortion a major challenge

22 March 2017

The EU agrees on rejecting the decisions taken by Trump’s administration concerning aborting, but seems to have forgotten that the subject is outside its control and is stifling the voices that...

Criminal obstruction to abortion: Suppression of the crime of opinion but information control, the halftone decision of the Constitutional Council

21 March 2017

The French law extending criminal obstruction to digital media was validated by the European Constitutional Council last Thursday, and included two restriction; though the decision preserves freedom...


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