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European Online Citizens' Consultation: reminding the European Union of the importance of respect for human life

27 June 2018

Launched in May 2018, a citizens' consultation will enable all Europeans to voice their opinion on the direction in which they wish to steer the European Union.   For the first time, the...

In Argentina, the Chamber of Deputies launches ambitious bill on abortion in challenging circumstances

27 June 2018

In Argentina, after a 22-hour session and a debate lasting nearly four months, the Chamber of Deputies voted in favour of a far-reaching bill, with unknown outlines, which would legalise abortion...

40 MPs file a resolution to confirm the principle of banning surrogacy in French law

18 June 2018

On the initiative of Xavier Breton, 40 MPs have filed a draft resolution "calling for a universal ban on surrogacy". The signatories point out that "surrogacy leads to the unacceptable exploitation...

Has the constitutional principle of dignity from which bioethics laws originate come to its end?

11 June 2018

The objective principle of dignity limits and supervises law. However, weakened by the legal evolutions that have let in so many inconsistencies, will this principle still be able to act as a...

Potential authorisation of genetic analyses on the deceased?

14 May 2018

Put forward by Senator Alain Milon on 5 February 2018, a draft bill aimed at authorising genetic analyses on deceased persons" could be examined in a public session on 6 June"[1].  ...

Medically assisted procreation: the child’s welfare and rights in the light of these past years

09 May 2018

L'auteur Grégor Puppinck Grégor Puppinck, docteur en droit, est Directeur du Centre Européen pour le Droit et la Justice (ECLJ-Strasbourg).   Are evolutions in...

Surrogacy: What came out of the Hague conference?

09 May 2018

L'auteur Claire de La Hougue Docteur en droit, Chercheur associé à l'ECLJ   A group of experts from the Hague Conference got together last February to work on an...

Surrogacy - a procedure that could affect the health of the surrogate mother and the child at birth

09 May 2018

A study carried out in California has shown that there are more obstetrical and perinatal complications in the case of surrogacy by IVF than with natural pregnancy. All of the surrogate mothers...


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