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At the end of life, some patients are less capable of making serious decisions than doctors think

06 March 2018

End-stage cancer patients have to face difficult decisions: what treatment options should they choose to achieve their goals? When is it reasonable to stop treatment? A study published in The...

Neurosciences, between progress and human rights

01 March 2018

Although neurosciences[1] open up vast therapeutic avenues, they are not entirely risk-free and international regulation is required.   The information contained in the human brain is...

From "repair" to "augmentation" of human beings - where does transhumanism begin?

18 January 2018

Bionic eye, prostheses, exoskeleton - the augmented human of the 21st century fascinates and repels us at the same time. But what is an augmented human? Where should the line between repair, care and...

In Quebec, assisted suicide meets with reluctance from doctors

08 January 2018

In the Laval region of Quebec, 77% of doctors who received a medically assisted dying request, "invoked conscientious objection". Surveys "carried out during assisted dying debates" showed that...

"Never has Europe been so pro-life"

18 December 2017

The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muiznieks, is publishing a report denouncing the "imminent threats to health and the sexual and reproductive rights of women"....

UNO: Towards the end of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

17 November 2017

While the members of the UNO Committee on Human Rights seek at interpreting the article 6 of the Covenant on Civil Rights relative to the right to life, Claire de La Hougue, Doctor in Law and Expert...

UN: the “right to life” on the hot seat

17 November 2017

The UN Committee on Human Rights seeks to impose the legalisation of abortion and euthanasia to all countries.   At the UN, the Committee on Human Rights is currently rethinking the...

20th anniversary of the Oviedo Convention: a text at least put into question

17 November 2017

Late October, the Council of Europe’s Committee on Bioethics (DH-Bio) organised two days of conferences for the 20 years of the Oviedo Convention in Strasbourg. The Committee saw this as the...


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