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Gene Drive: one step further towards irresponsibility

05 September 2017

CRISPR tools have caused gene drive technology to resurface: it consists in stimulating the transmission of certain genes from one generation to the next, in order to affect noxious populations....

Precariousness, family situation, contraception… risk factors for abortion

20 July 2017

At the European seminar which took place in Brussels at the COMECE on last 22nd June on “Preventing Abortion in Europe”, Cherline Louissaint, lawyer, went over the risk factors for abortion :...

Poland: a hundred deputies lodge a suit before the Constitutional Court to dispute the exceptions to abortion

20 July 2017

At the end of last June, about a hundred Polish deputies from various political groups filed a suit before the Constitutional Court asking it to adjudicate over the law that authorises abortion in...

Abortion for medical reasons: towards assumed eugenics

12 July 2017

During the European seminar, held in Brussels at the COMECE[1] last 22nd June on “preventing abortion in Europe”, Jean Marie Le Méné stood up to denounce the eugenic pressure that, through abortion...

Charlie Gard: 37 European deputies stand against the ECHR’s decision

12 July 2017

In an open letter, 37 Eurodeputies support Charlie Gard and his parents and demand the respect of the right to live (cf Charlie Gard must be given right to life, human dignity)    ...

Charlie Gard: 10 key points of the case deciphered

12 July 2017

While Charlie’s parents’ last hope, i.e., the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), has just ruled in favour of the various British courts who decided to end their child’s life, the Cardinal Elio...

Obligation for all states to prevent recourse to abortion

05 July 2017

During the European meeting “Preventing Abortion in Europe” , which took place in Brussels at the COMECE[1] last June 22nd”, Grégor Puppinck, Doctor of law and director of the European...

Favourable opinion of the National Consultative Ethics Committee for Medically assisted procreation for all

05 July 2017

This morning, the CCNE (French National Consultative Ethics committee) made public its opinion on MAP[1]. This opinion includes several decisions:   Despite well-known reservations, it...


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