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Jacques Testart: Resist transhumanism “because human beings are worth more than what they often seem” (1/3)

12 June 2017

“Resist transhumanism” is the inauguration lecture given at the symposium “criticism of transhumanist reason”, which took place at the Collège des Bernardins in France, last May 19th and 20th. It...

How can we avoid that children born disabled are stigmatised as a ”burden” to their own family?

30 May 2017

While the tribunal of Limoges has just recognised the university hospital of Limoges as guilty for having not diagnosed Down Syndrome in a child, Danielle Moyse, philosopher and expert for Gènéthique...

The “One of Us” European citizen initiative heard before the European Court of Justice

30 May 2017

With over 1.7 million signatures, the One of Us European Citizen Initiative (ECI) brought together the largest number of signatures in the history of Europe. But in 2014, the European Commission...

Prenatal testing for Down Syndrome: the French High Authority for Health considers the new test profitable and rushes into approving its reimbursement

30 May 2017

Unsurprisingly, the French High Authority for Health (HAS) [1] recommends including non-invasive testing for Down Syndrome in the French testing policy[2] For the occasion the HAS has given it a new...

Down Syndrome: France secretly makes NIPT lawful

30 May 2017

Though the report from the French High Authority of Health is yet to be published, a decree from last May 7th has included Non-Invasive prenatal diagnosis in the list of prenatal diagnosis...

Jewellery made from supernumerary embryos obtained after IVF

16 May 2017

Sordid. An Australian website, Baby Bee, offers women to make jewellery from their maternal milk, placenta, umbilical cord stem cells, from the ashes of a loved one, but also from supernumerary human...

NIPT included in the « tracking strategy of Down Syndrome »

16 May 2017

Published in the official journal of May 7th 2017, a decree signed on May 5th 2017 has just included NIPT in the list of authorized prenatal diagnosis tests, just a few days before the end of the...

Reference point for a bioethical review of François Hollande’s mandate

03 May 2017

As the French president’s mandate is coming to its end, it makes sense to do a bioethics stocktaking[1]. Jean Marie Le Méné, President of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation speaks of the broad patterns...


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