Bioethics press synthesis

Porcine cells to treat Parkinson's disease?

26 June 2017

Living Cell Technologies, a New Zealand company, is developing treatment using porcine cells transplanted to the brain of patients with Parkinson's disease in an attempt to halt disease progression....

California: more than 500 prescriptions one year on from the legalisation of medically assisted dying

26 June 2017

A study carried out by Compassion and Choices, one year after the legalisation of assisted suicide (see California's turn to legalise medically assisted dying), has revealed that more than 500...

Born before the end of the legal time limit for abortion: the story of one of GB's most premature babies

26 June 2017

Baby Austin arrived on 31 March 2017, 18 weeks early. He didn't weigh more than 570 grams. His skin was so fine that his organs could be seen through it, and his ears and lungs had not developed...

The Netherlands: the court authorises DNA sampling of a former sperm bank director

19 June 2017

On Friday, the Dutch courts authorised DNA sampling from the personal effects of Jan Karbaat, a former sperm bank director who died recently. He is suspected to be the biological father of children...

Iowa: a couple claim damages following the birth of their disabled child

19 June 2017

According to a Supreme Court judgment in Iowa, United States, on 2 June, the parents of a "severely disabled" child can sue doctors for failing to detect the disability during pregnancy....

"Killing off death": a controversial trial in Latin America

19 June 2017

"Killing off death". This transhumanist objective is at the heart of a controversial trial to resuscitate brain-dead patients - the Reanima project. The biotechnology company, Bioquark, which...

Switzerland: two brothers continue their fight for justice against Exit

19 June 2017

Following the suicide of their brother who had contacted Geneva-based Exit for assistance, the two men who wanted to prevent him from ending his life, "are continuing their legal battle...

Dominican Republic: the Senate rejects plans to decriminalise abortion

19 June 2017

On 31 May, in the Dominican Republic, whilst adopting the Penal Code, senators rejected several proposals put forward by the Government to decriminalise abortion. In a press release, bishops welcomed...


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