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United States: sales of human foetal tissue banned

07 January 2019

A U.S. government order has suspended all purchases of foetal tissue for research purposes. The ban took effect in September, with no public announcement. The order follows the government's decision...

Post-transplant cancer: the family of a deceased patient requests further testing

07 January 2019

"We were told that he could develop cancer further down the line because his immune system was so suppressed, which we accepted, but we were never told that potentially he could get it from the...

New Zealand: a majority opposes assisted suicide

07 January 2019

In New Zealand, a third attempt to legalize euthanasia is underway through a bill proposed by Act Party leader David Seymour. A consultation held in May generated 35,000 responses. A few months later...

Euthanasia, the first resort against suffering in Quebec?

07 January 2019

A study published in the Journal of Medical Ethics shows that euthanasia in Quebec, called "Medical Aid in Dying", is sometimes applied with no attempt to alleviate the patient's suffering. ...

Declared brain dead, a British newborn defies all odds

07 January 2019

A little boy declared brain dead at birth has "defied all odds", and is now 15 months old.   Kaleb Crook, a British boy, suffered oxygen deprivation at birth, giving him severe brain damage....

Abortion in the United Kingdom: alarming figures

07 January 2019

Nearly 200,000 abortions were performed in England and Wales in 2017, according to the Ministry of Health, which publishes these figures annually. This is the highest rate in 10 years, up 4% compared...

A woman convicted for non-compliance with a custody order after a the donor changes his mind

07 January 2019

A woman, married to another woman, was sentenced on 5 December by the Caen court to a four month suspended prison term with a two-year probation period. In addition, she will have to pay 500 euros to...

USA: 20 million dollars to find alternatives to the use of human foetuses for research

07 January 2019

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH)[1] announced that it will allocate $20 million over two years to research alternatives to human foetal tissue. The use of these human foetuses for...


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