Bioethics press synthesis

Delvaux report adopted: the European Parliament enters into transhumanist fiction

24 February 2017

Yesterday, the European Parliament adopted the Delvaux report by 313 votes in favour, 285 against and 20 abstentions. Assembly Members therefore voted "for the creation of a 'legal identity' for...

United Kingdom: heading towards decriminalisation of abortion?

24 February 2017

Although the purchase of abortion pills without a prescription is illegal in Great Britain, on-line sales of these pills are soaring. According to Government statistics, 375 pills sent to addresses...

Poland: morning after pill available only on prescription?

24 February 2017

Since 2015, in accordance with European legislation, the morning after pill has been available in Poland without prescription. On Tuesday, the Polish Government adopted a draft bill seeking to limit...

Human genome editing: a call for caution but no ban by American Academies

24 February 2017

The long-awaited report from American Medicine and Science Academies on genome editing was published on Wednesday. Although it calls for a degree of caution in human genome handling, it does not...

MAP: a highly scientific business

24 February 2017

Stéphane Viville, "infertility specialist"[1], published an article in Le Monde in which he denounced "certain tests (…) available to and paid for by patients, in a large number of French in-vitro...

Treatment of cancer and infertility: Alternatives to MAP (Medically Assisted Procreation)

24 February 2017

A team of scientists in Massachusetts has noted that the anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) could prevent chemotherapy-induced ovarian damage. Pre-clinical trials in mice have highlighted that this hormone...

Belgium: heading towards legal status for embryo and foetus?

24 February 2017

On 9 February, the Belgian Federal Parliament voted on a draft bill  aimed at "allowing recognition of paternal parentage outside marriage from the start of pregnancy". Thus, "a conceived child...

The Netherlands: "unprecedented support" against the euthanasia of people with dementia

24 February 2017

In the Netherlands, there has been "unprecedented support"  against the euthanasia of people with dementia. Three hundred and fifty doctors signed a petition expressing their refusal "to...


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