Bioethics press synthesis

A constitutional "right to abortion" in Kansas?

13 May 2019

Last Friday, the highest court in Kansas deduced a “right to abortion” from the State Constitution According to the court, the “equal and inalienable rights” proclaimed in the Bill of Rights of...

U.S.: Alabama criminalizes abortion, Oklahoma forced to extend its time limits for medical abortion

13 May 2019

Alabama's House of Representatives voted 74 to 3 on Tuesday to pass a bill that would make abortion a Class A felony, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 99 years. Attempted abortion would...

Donald Trump defends the right of conscientious objection for all health care workers

13 May 2019

“Just today we finalized new protections of conscience rights for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, students and faith-based charities”,Trump told an interfaith audience in the White House...

An American arrested for surrogacy scam

13 May 2019

A federal criminal complaint has been filed against 37-year-old Grégory Blosser, from Florida, in connection with his business activities as head of company TSG, The Surrogacy Group, which he had...

Pig-human chimeras: a clinical trial announced in Japan

13 May 2019

The researcher Hiromitsu Nakauchi has announced that an experiment is starting in Japan to culture a human pancreas in pigs. This statement comes as Japan has just relaxed its legislation on chimeras...

An autonomous surgical robot in a beating heart

13 May 2019

The latest innovation by researchers at Boston Children's Hospital is an autonomous robot navigating through pig hearts. This autonomous catheter can move by itself in a beating heart: it is equipped...

Towards new regenerative therapies to create in-vivo blood vessels?

13 May 2019

Faced with the permanent shortage of organ donors, researchers are looking into alternatives. 3D-bioprinting "to build fully functional organs outside the body" has already begun to prove its worth:...

Egg freezing to compensate for Scotland’s falling birth rate?

13 May 2019

In response to declining fertility rates in Scotland, the Conservatives have asked the government to consider "freezing oocytes" [1] for all women in Scotland. "Such opportunities are important and...


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