Bioethics press synthesis

India: first birth following uterine transplant

12 November 2018

In India, a baby girl was born in mid-October 2018 following uterine transplant surgery performed on her mother in May 2017 (see India: two women given uterine transplants). A Caesarean section was...

Norway - victory in favour of conscientious objection

12 November 2018

The Norwegian Supreme Court has ruled in favour of conscientious objection and freedom of conscience for doctors. It held that Dr Katarzyna Jachimowicz had acted within her rights by refusing to...

The Netherlands issues "gender neutral" passport

12 November 2018

In the Netherlands, people can now be identified as "gender neutral" on their passports as opposed to male or female. This is a European first[1], but the practice has already been authorised in...

Cancer during pregnancy: "15 years ago...Lots of abortions were carried out". That was misguided.

12 November 2018

Aurélie, aged 36, was six months pregnant when she discovered she had breast cancer. But doctors reassured her: "Patients often think that they cannot be treated and continue their pregnancy at the...

British national who died in Egypt is repatriated without heart or kidneys

12 November 2018

David Humphries, aged 62, was on a family holiday in the Egyptian resort of Makadi, when he sought medical advice about chest pains on 13 September 2018. On 18 September, he returned to hospital...

"Every minute we spent together was worth the pain" - poignant letter from a mother to her baby who died two days after birth

12 November 2018

His parents knew that Ismaël would not live but they allowed the pregnancy to go full-term, to welcome their baby into the world. Born on 8 December, his fragile life lasted all of 48 hours. He died...

Yann Le Cun: the biological brain is "way ahead of the digital brain"

12 November 2018

It's not a competition, but if it were, "the biological brain would be way ahead of the digital brain", explains Yann LeCun, chief AI scientist at Facebook. Today, "technologies allow us to reproduce...

A man "now a woman" claims mother status

12 November 2018

The Montpellier Court of Appeal is dealing with a "complex" case: Bernard and Marie were married with two children when, in 2011, Bernard "made the decision to become a woman but without undergoing...


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