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In a coma, she woke up just before she was switched off

17 June 2019

The doctors considered that there was no possibility of improvement and her two children, aged 22 and 23, were confronted with the painful obligation of having to choose between "keeping their mother...

Organ donation: the automatic assumption that follows from presumed consent is contrary to the very principle of donation

17 June 2019

The Swiss bishops are opposed to presumed consent for organ donation. "We are not against organ donation [...]. But we do not want it to be automatic," said Bishop Felix Gmür, president of the Swiss...

The United Kingdom: towards laws facilitating surrogacy?

17 June 2019

Au Royaume-Uni, la Law Commission, chargée de conseiller le gouvernement sur les réformes juridiques, vient de rédiger un projet de « Surrogacy pathway », ou solution de GPA. Les lois...

U.S.: Ban on abortion past eight weeks of pregnancy in Missouri

17 June 2019

The Governor of the State of Missouri, Mike Parson, signed a law on Friday reducing the period during which abortion is decriminalized to eight weeks. Exceptions are provided for “when there is a...

Pope Francis: "No human being can ever be incompatible with life"

17 June 2019

"Abortion is never the answer that women and families seek". On the occasion of the International Congress ‘Yes to Life! Caring for the Precious Gift of Life in its Frailty’ organized at the Vatican...

In Nantes, the “intended” mother of a little girl born via surrogacy in the U.S. is recognized by the Court

17 June 2019

The Nantes Regional Court, the only court with the authority to register the birth certificates of children born abroad, validated on Thursday, 23 May, “the complete transcription of the birth...

Vincent Lambert: Dr Sanchez and Reims University Hospital summoned to appear in court for "failure to assist a person in danger"

17 June 2019

On 20 May, Vincent Lambert's parents issued a direct summons against Reims University Hospital and Dr Vincent Sanchez to appear before Reims Criminal Court for "failure to assist a person in danger...

The pill increases the risk of depression by 40%

17 June 2019

Danish researchers at the University of Copenhagen have carried out a large-scale study on the link between hormonal contraception and depression. This study, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry...


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