Bioethics press synthesis

USA: Two states advance legislation to protect babies who survive abortion

29 April 2019

Last Monday and Tuesday, North Carolina lawmakers and then the Senate passed a bill requiring doctors and nurses to treat babies born alive after a late-term abortion like any newborn, under penalty...

The former director of a Dutch fertility clinic is the biological father of at least 49 children

29 April 2019

DNA testing has revealed its secrets: Jan Karbaat is the genetic father of the 49 children who have been suing him since 2017. This former fertility clinic director, who died two years ago, is...

3D-printed human hearts

29 April 2019

On Monday, researchers at Tel Aviv University presented "a vascularized prototype of the human heart, printed in 3D using human tissues". According to them, this "inert, cherry-sized heart...

Two surrogate mother networks identified in Vietnam

29 April 2019

Yen, aged 31, and Hue, aged 35, are being investigated in Vietnam for "organizing commercial surrogacy".   Hue said that she met a man, Yang, who introduced himself as a hospital director. For...

Twelve countries have an unbalanced ‘sex ratio’ due to the abortion of young girls

29 April 2019

There is a global shortfall of 23.1 million women, including 11.9 million in China and 10.6 million in India. In 2017 alone, 800,000 girls were aborted in China and 671,000 in India. Researchers from...

The United Arab Emirates authorizes freezing of human embryos

29 April 2019

A law approved yesterday by the United Arab Emirates’ Federal National Council has just authorized married couples to freeze their embryos during a MAR process. The legislators were careful to ensure...

Pig brains restarted four hours after death: should brain death be redefined?

29 April 2019

"The brain’s ability to revive its cells has been underestimated," said Nenad Sestan, a researcher at Yale University in the USA. He is one of the authors of a study resembling "a science fiction...

Risk of incest: Queensland, Australia: 48 children from the same sperm donor

29 April 2019

Serial sperm donors pose a real “social risk” for the children they father. In Brisbane, Australia, a couple of women reignited the debate after accidentally discovering that the father of their...


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