Bioethics press synthesis

The Pope has addressed healthcare workers: any "medical intervention on human beings" must be evaluated in terms of respect for "life and human dignity"

11 June 2019

Pope Francis today addressed some 300 members of the Italian Catholic Association of Healthcare Workers at the Vatican. The Holy Father recalled that any "medical intervention on human beings" must...

Vincent Lambert: lawyers ask for his transfer to a specialized unit

11 June 2019

"Vincent is fine. Vincent is not at the end of his life", said his mother Viviane after leaving the hospital on Tuesday once his nutrition and hydration had resumed. "Vincent needs only to drink, eat...

Foetuses treated as ‘medical waste’ in Hong Kong

11 June 2019

Babies born in Hong Kong before the age of twenty-four weeks are treated as "medical waste": they are "incinerated and then thrown away as landfill". An eye-witness account revealed in the press...

Oocyte freezing gives women no guarantee

11 June 2019

As the trend towards late motherhood continues, more and more women are considering oocyte freezing as insurance against age-related infertility. In the United Kingdom, figures published by the Human...

Vincent Lambert: what place do disabled people have in our societies?

11 June 2019

"The Lambert case is not about the end-of-life debate but rather the place of disabled people in our societies". It raises an issue to which Nazi Germany found a radical response by exterminating...

Uterine transplant: two babies born in Germany

11 June 2019

Two babies were born following uterine transplants at Tübingen University Hospital in Germany: one in March and the other in May. Both women were suffering from Müllerian agenesis, a rare...

Surrogate mother for her best friend – Sophie recounts what happened afterwards

11 June 2019

At the same period exactly a year ago, Sophie Braggins was a surrogate mother pregnant with the baby of her best friend, Toni Street, who has an autoimmune disease called Churg-Strauss syndrome....

An obstetrician-gynaecologist found guilty of not performing an abortion in Argentina

11 June 2019

In May 2017, Dr Leandro Rodrígues Lasta – an obstetrician-gynaecologist and head of a gynaecology department – received a 19-year-old woman in consultation "who was suffering from severe pain after...


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