Bioethics press synthesis

Pig-human chimeras: a clinical trial announced in Japan

13 May 2019

The researcher Hiromitsu Nakauchi has announced that an experiment is starting in Japan to culture a human pancreas in pigs. This statement comes as Japan has just relaxed its legislation on chimeras...

An autonomous surgical robot in a beating heart

13 May 2019

The latest innovation by researchers at Boston Children's Hospital is an autonomous robot navigating through pig hearts. This autonomous catheter can move by itself in a beating heart: it is equipped...

Towards new regenerative therapies to create in-vivo blood vessels?

13 May 2019

Faced with the permanent shortage of organ donors, researchers are looking into alternatives. 3D-bioprinting "to build fully functional organs outside the body" has already begun to prove its worth:...

Egg freezing to compensate for Scotland’s falling birth rate?

13 May 2019

In response to declining fertility rates in Scotland, the Conservatives have asked the government to consider "freezing oocytes" [1] for all women in Scotland. "Such opportunities are important and...

The United Kingdom: presumed consent to organ donation will not apply to genitals

13 May 2019

The United Kingdom has recently adopted the presumed consent system for organ donation (see  United Kingdom and Scotland introduce presumed consent to organ donation). The new law will come into...

Using CRISPR-Cas9 on cassava in Australia leads to the spread of mutated viruses

13 May 2019

To make cassava plants resistant to ‘mosaic virus’, which can cause almost total loss of these plants in an epidemic, Australian researchers tried to "recombine the virus’s DNA" by genome editing,...

Surrogacy: "A woman cannot be used as a means of reproduction"

13 May 2019

"Faced with these undeniable advances in managing infertility, potential problems have arisen from their use". During a debate organised by the European Lawyers' Union (UAE) in Marseille, Gérard...

The Netherlands: euthanasia down by 7% in 2018. A real decrease?

13 May 2019

The 2018 official euthanasia figures in the Netherlands are down by 7% for the first time since 2003. Given the size of the elderly population, this is an astonishing trend.   Until the...


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