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Abortion - Medical termination of Pregnancy(MTP)


Bioethics press synthesis

After Washington, "March for Life" mobilizes tens of thousands of people in Paris

08 February 2019

"To never lose sight of the inalienable values of human dignity and life" was the message behind the "March for Life" which united several thousand people in...

Selective abortions: shortfall of 80 million women in China and India

08 February 2019

Although selective abortion is prohibited in China and India, in practice it is difficult to control and is frequently carried out. "If families can only...

United States - pro-abortion laws proposed and defeated in the states of New York and Iowa

08 February 2019

In the US state of New York, pro-abortionists are increasingly afraid of a Supreme Court reversal on the hot topic of abortion[1], a reversal by the Supreme...

Abortion in Ireland: slower start than anticipated

04 February 2019

The provision of abortion services in Ireland is delayed due to the shortage of willing doctors and the lack of medical training. Voted last December following...


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