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Bioethics press synthesis

In Canada, buses display : "Abortion kills children"

24 April 2017

In the Canadian district of Peterborough, the town's buses have been travelling round for the past week displaying "anti-abortion" posters. These displays...

USA: The States Can Ban The Public Financing of abortions

24 April 2017

American President , Donald Trump, has just enacted "a law repealing a directive of the Obama era" aimed at "protecting" the financing of family planning...

Clandestine abortions are increasing in European countries

18 April 2017

"More and more Belgian and European women” are purchasing abortion kits on the Internet, according to Family Planning Associations. These kits contain the two...

In India, a doctor fights against female foeticide by offering to deliver baby girls free of charge

18 April 2017

In India, the cultural preference for boys has led to gender selective abortions. Many little girls are never born. Scientists estimate that up to 12 million...


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