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Infertility Levels Increasing Amongst European Women

23 January 2017

"Has the number of childless women reached a peak in Europe?" Ined (National Institute for Demographic Studies) raised the question and has just published its...

Artificial pancreas on the market in 2018?

13 January 2017

An artificial pancreas could arrive on the market as early as 2018. Based on a blood glucose sensor, an insulin pump and an algorithm to calculate the dose of...

A baby boy is born following an ovary transplant

09 December 2016

For the first time at the CHU Toulouse (University Medical Centre), a baby boy has been born following an ovary transplant. In 2009, whilst battling neck...

A miscarriage can trigger post-traumatic stress

18 November 2016

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Open, women may suffer post-traumatic stress after a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy....


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