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Human genome editing: a call for caution but no ban by American Academies

24 February 2017

The long-awaited report from American Medicine and Science Academies on genome editing was published on Wednesday. Although it calls for a degree of caution in...

"Repair the heart" - a trial using patients' stem cells

14 February 2017

Cellprothera, start-up,"a pioneer in the regeneration of cardiac cells", held a press conference on Friday to reveal the progress made in its clinical trial (...

Launch of an iPS cell bank for research into sickle cell anaemia

30 January 2017

Scientists at the Regenerative Medicine Center at Boston Medical Center and the University of Boston School of Medicine have created an iPS (induced...

iPS cells beneficial for combating retinal degeneration

27 January 2017

In Japan, a team at the RIKEN Centre for Developmental Biology"has just clearly demonstrated the functional benefits achieved by transplanting retinal tissue...


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