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Parkinson's disease: Heading towards promising, ethical treatment

24 April 2017

People suffering from Parkinson's disease have difficulty controlling their movements due to the death of neurones that produce dopamine - a "chemical product...

New tests based on human embryo stem cells to treat heart attack victims

24 April 2017

In Professor Gordon Keller's laboratory at the McEwen Center for Regenerative Medicine in Toronto (Canada), scientists are developing cell therapy "to...

Japan wants to ban genome editing of gametes and human embryos

24 April 2017

In Japan, the Ministry for Health, Employment and Well-Being is planning on banning genome editing in gametes and human embryos. To do this, it has to amend...

A Dutch report in favour of creating human embryos for research

18 April 2017

The Dutch Medical Council recommends that scientists should be authorised to create human embryos for research purposes, which would pave the way for the...


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