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Stem cells: excessive expectations lead to scandals

28 March 2017

In the United States, three women aged 72, 78 and 88 have lost their sight following stem cell injections in their eyes, in 2015, to treat ARMD. This resulted...

Japan: iPS cells save the sight of a female patient

28 March 2017

An 80 year-old woman has been treated successfully with induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells in Japan. A small number of retinal cells created in the...

CRISPR: recent Chinese publication reveals tests on human embryos

21 March 2017

AChinese study published in the Molecular genetics and genomics journal assesses research into human embryos to correct genetic mutations with the CRISPR...

CRISPR-CAS9: What does the general public think of genetic modifications?

17 March 2017

Nouria Hernandez, geneticist and Chancellor of Lausanne University, believes that "the general public has not been adequately informed about the new options...


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