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IPS cells - a promsing avenue for cardiac treatments

13 January 2017

Professors Gordon Keller and Stéphanie Protze, regenerative medicine specialists in the United States, have developed "the first stimulating functional cardiac...

Treat diabetes with a bio-artificial pancreas using human embryo stem cells

13 January 2017

To develop its "bio-artificial pancreas" for the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes, the Defymed Company has formed a partnership with the American...

IPS cells appeal to Bayer

13 January 2017

The Bayer and Versant Ventures Companies have created a cell therapy firm called Therapeutics BlueRock in an attempt to develop iPS-based cell therapies [1]...

Stem cells: the American drugs agency calls for tighter controls

19 December 2016

The therapeutic use of human stem cells is subject to debate. According to the American Food and Drugs Agency, FDA[1], to check the efficacy of these cells, it...


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