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Oregon: could assisted suicide replace chemotherapies that cost too much?

09 May 2017

A study published by JAMA oncology at the beginning of the month has assessed the past 20 years since the introduction of the Death With Dignity Act - the...

Over 800 people have undergone euthanasia in Canada in six months

09 May 2017

Six months after "medically assisted dying" was legalised in Canada, the Government has published an "initial interim report" on this "service": between 17...

Post-euthanasia organ donation encouraged in Belgium for "virtually brain-dead" donors

09 May 2017

In Belgium, "voices are starting to be heard in favour of post-euthanasia organ donation", with a view to offering organs to the 1,500 people on the waiting...

Placed in a medically-induced coma but aware of what was going on around her, she remembers doctors wanting to switch off her life support machine

09 May 2017

On 14 March 2015, 40 year-old Jenny collapsed with pain. "She felt pins and needles in her legs" - a condition diagnosed by her doctor as "Guillain-Barre...


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