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Terminal sedation: confusion in the Netherlands

21 March 2017

The Health Care Disciplinary Council (RTG) at the Hague has just reprimanded a geriatric physician "who did not consider it appropriate to sedate a 102 year-...

Japan: dying alone, trivialisation of a disturbing phenomenon

21 March 2017

In Japan, “the number of people who die alone is increasing": every year, 30,000 people die "alone, unnoticed" in this country, including 3,000 in Tokyo. They...

Germany authorises the purchase of lethal substances with a view to assisted suicide

17 March 2017

In Germany, the purchase of potentially lethal substances is prohibited. However, on Thursday 2 March 2017, Leipzig Federal Administrative Court deemed that,...

Medically assisted dying in Ontario: doctors pull out

13 March 2017

In Ontario, "medically assisted dying" has been practised legally for eight months, but is causing discomfort amongst doctors. Twenty-four of them have asked...


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