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Euthanasia soaring in Belgium

01 August 2018

In Belgium, the latest report by the Federal Euthanasia Control Commission (CFCEE) was presented to the Chamber on Tuesday. The Commission produces this report...

In the Netherlands, "euthanasia code of practice" makes legal assisted suicide available to elderly people who are not terminally ill

23 July 2018

People no longer have to be terminally ill or even ill in the Netherlands—older people who consider that their suffering is unbearable and whose situation is...

In Canada, 30% increase in requests for medical assistance in dying during the second half of 2017

23 July 2018

Health Canada[1] has just published the latest figures on medical assistance in dying and the authorisation of this practice governed by the laws of December...

English doctor euthanised patients for years with impunity

12 July 2018

In Hampshire, Dr Jane Baron took “the liberty of ‘routinely’ prescribing opiates (diamorphine, the technical term for heroin) beyond reason to patients who did...


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