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In England, baby's ventilator is turned off without parental consent. NHS pays compensation

10 December 2018

A British couple have just won a legal battle against the NHS in relation to their new-born baby who died in 2012. According to staff at Darlington Memorial...

Vincent Lambert is not in a situation of unreasonable obstinacy. Will he be transferred?

10 December 2018

Experts appointed by the courts have drawn their conclusions. They initially deemed that the 42-year-old male nurse was in an "irreversible chronic vegetative...

Caen University Hospital Centre (CHU) applies Leonetti Law to young disabled woman and refuses to treat her

10 December 2018

Léah is a young disabled woman aged nineteen. She suffered from alternating hemiplegia of childhood, which slowed down her motor and mental development and...

"Die with dignity but never anticipate death"

10 December 2018

"Helping a patient to die is one thing, making him or her die is something else". Last Tuesday, Monsignor Paglia, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life...


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