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U.S.: State of Washington legalizes the composting of humans

17 June 2019

With 3.6 million estimated deaths per year by 2037, “1 million more than in 2015”, the United States is growing concerned about the availability of cemetery...

In a coma, she woke up just before she was switched off

17 June 2019

The doctors considered that there was no possibility of improvement and her two children, aged 22 and 23, were confronted with the painful obligation of having...

Vincent Lambert: Dr Sanchez and Reims University Hospital summoned to appear in court for "failure to assist a person in danger"

17 June 2019

On 20 May, Vincent Lambert's parents issued a direct summons against Reims University Hospital and Dr Vincent Sanchez to appear before Reims Criminal Court for...

Italy: the National Federation of Doctors reaffirms its opposition to assisted suicide

17 June 2019

As part of the current debates in Italy on legalizing euthanasia, the National Federation for the Orders of Doctors and Dentists (FNOMCeO) was heard on...


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