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Palliative care must take a person's spiritual and religious needs into account

28 March 2017

In the United Kingdom, the National Institute for Health and Care has just published "an end of life guide". The concept of "palliative care" was created in...

"Euthanasia supporters are constantly finding new boundaries to cross and new legislation to transgress"

28 March 2017

In the Australian State of Victoria, a draft bill is being prepared to legalise assisted suicide. For Paul Russell, this type of legislation is an illusion....

Terminal sedation: confusion in the Netherlands

21 March 2017

The Health Care Disciplinary Council (RTG) at the Hague has just reprimanded a geriatric physician "who did not consider it appropriate to sedate a 102 year-...

Japan: dying alone, trivialisation of a disturbing phenomenon

21 March 2017

In Japan, “the number of people who die alone is increasing": every year, 30,000 people die "alone, unnoticed" in this country, including 3,000 in Tokyo. They...


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