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Genetically modified babies: He Jiankui faces death penalty

28 January 2019

Chinese researcher He Jiankui, who claims to have delivered the first genetically modified babies, has been living under house arrest on a Shenzhen university...

China's Minister of Education calls on universities to evaluate their research programmes on genome editing

21 January 2019

The Chinese Minister of Education has asked universities to inspect all research on genome editing and submit their reports to the government by the end of the...

The Netherlands: free DNA test in the pipeline for sperm donor children?

02 November 2018

In the Netherlands, sperm donor children could soon be offered a DNA test to identify their biological father. "Every child has the right to know his/her...

FDA remains cautious regarding CRISPR-based treatment for sickle cell anaemia

27 June 2018

The FDA[1] has not approved a clinical trial request for CTX001, an experimental drug that uses CRISPR technology. This drug is ex-vivo[2] gene therapy which...


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