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The United Kingdom: a national survey on the ethical and practical implications of commercial genetic tests

18 March 2019

At the request of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, the UK's Science and Technology Committee is launching a national survey to poll British people about...

Treating genetic pathologies in utero?

07 March 2019

Researchers have developed a new form of gene therapy in mice using the CRISPR technique. This would make it possible to cure genetic disorders by repairing...

The genetic modification of Chinese twins may have affected their brains

07 March 2019

The brains of twins whose genes were modified by CRISPR-Cas9 before birth, a change they will pass on to future generations, may have been impacted by the...

26 million DNA tests sold in five years but what about privacy?

26 February 2019

Over-the-counter DNA kits, banned in France, are growing exponentially, despite their "serious impact on privacy". The principle is very simple. For a one-off...


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