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Genome editing: Sangamo embarks on clinical trials

12 June 2017

Within the clinical trial setting, Sangamo Therapeutics will use the zinc finger nuclease technique [1] to introduce the gene of a missing...

Japan: genetic tests for family planning trigger a debate

12 June 2017

In Japan, a company specialising in genetics, namely Genesis Healthcare Co. based in Tokyo, will offer a new  "service" to future parents within the...

CRISPR: numerous, unexpected "off-target" mutations in humans

12 June 2017

In the Nature Methods journal published on 29 May, the team lead by Doctor VinitMahajan from Stanford University issued a warning to scientists using CRISPR-...

CRISPR-Cas9 – the first human clinical trial authorised in the United States

22 June 2016

On 21 June, the Advisory Committee of the American National Institute for Health (NIH) approved the first gene therapy clinical trial in humans using CRISPR-...


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