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222 Canadian Federal MPs oppose genetic discrimination

21 March 2017

In Canada, a draft bill aimed at banning genetic discrimination in life assurance was adopted by 222 votes to 60.   The draft law, drawn up on...

Sickle cell anaemia: initial success for gene therapy

13 March 2017

A young French patient suffering from sickle cell anaemia - a severe hereditary form of chronic anaemia - has been "successfully"treated with gene therapy. The...

Breast cancer and mastectomy: a review of the Angelina Jolie effect

24 September 2014

Since American actress, Angelina Jolie, confirmed her double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer "the risk of which was highlighted in her genetic genealogy",...

Breast cancer: debate on the generalisation of genetic screening

10 September 2014

On 3 September 2014, the scientific journal JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association – published the results of a study carried out between 1998...


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