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Can CRISPR prevent hearing loss?

08 January 2018

In the journal Nature, Professor David Liu and his colleagues report that one injection of a  "genome editing cocktail" prevented hearing loss in...

Scientists call for the more personalised use of genome editing

27 December 2017

A study conducted by Boston Children’s Hospital and the University of Montreal warns against the use of genome editing in humans because the “genetic...

A new version of CRISPR Cas9 to activate genes without breaking the DNA

18 December 2017

A team from the Salk Institute has developed a new version of the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology allowing them to selectively activate genes in...

3D nanoscopic objects made from strands of DNA, "just like LEGO"

18 December 2017

In the Nature journal, an Inserm scientist [1] in conjunction with Harvard University announced the creation of   nanoscopic objects[2] from...


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