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Genome editing: the first patient is treated in California

28 November 2017

In California, the first patient has been treated by editing his own gene in order to correct a gene permanently in his liver cells.   Brian Madeux...

United States: Cellectis may resume its gene therapy trials

20 November 2017

The FDA[1] has just lifted the suspension on clinical trials carried out by the French biotech company,  Cellectis, two months after halting...

Heading towards relaxation of genetic testing in the United States?

20 November 2017

The FDA intends to relax legislation regarding genetic testing in the United States. This is a radical change of direction following the withdrawal of these...

Genetically modified skin cells to save a young boy

20 November 2017

On Wednesday, a medical team announced that surgery performed on a seven year-old boy with a serious hereditary skin disease had been successful. Surgeons...


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