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In Vitro Gametogenesis : Bordering Science-Fiction

23 January 2017

In-vitro gametogenesis - a new procedure for creating gametes from stem cells - should be the subject of a debate from this point forwards, according to three...

United Kingdom: woman gives birth at the age of 24 after freezing ovary at 9 years of age

13 January 2017

Au Portland Hospital de Londres, au Royaume-Uni, une femme de 24 ans a donné naissance à son premier enfant grâce à l’un de ses ovaires, congelé lorsqu’elle...

United Kingdom: heading towards commercial surrogacy for all?

13 January 2017

In the United Kingdom, the House of Lords debated surrogacy last week, urging the Government to reform the current law. The House of Lords considers that the...

Three-parent IVF : What parentage?

13 January 2017

The British decision taken on 15 December authorising three-parent IVF procedures is raising numerous questions including the parentage of the unborn children...


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