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Egg donation trafficking in the United Kingdom

15 May 2017

"Egg donation is like blood donation": cameras hidden by the Daily Mail Newspaper show nurses in United Kingdom fertility clinics trying to convince women "to...

IVF: Two friends discover that they are brother and sister

15 May 2017

In England, Georgia Bond and Jack Bowman, two British teenagers from Liverpool who have been friends for years, "have found out that they were both conceived...

Scandal surrounding Italian woman who pays for baby

15 May 2017

After falsifying a pregnancy to mislead her family, an Italian woman discovered that the child she had bought from a young Romanian woman was of mixed race....

Profitability of IVF cycles under scrutiny in the United Kingdom

09 May 2017

"Drastic cuts in IVF services by the NHS should be offset by free pre-implantation genetic screening," announced gynaecologist, Luciano Nardo, who believes...


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