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Three parent IVF: a birth, uncertainty but no long-term follow-up

18 April 2017

In September 2016, Doctor Zhang announced that he had practised "three-parent IVF" in the United States for a Jordanian couple where the wife was the carrier...

A temporary escape route for babies born through surrogacy in Cambodia

18 April 2017

Nine months after the surrogacy ban in Cambodia (see After India and Thailand, it's Cambodia's turn to ban surrogacy), Prime Minister, Hun Sen, has just...

Surrogacy in Cambodia: intended parents must prove their genetic link with the child

18 April 2017

Yesterday, the Secretary of State for the Cambodian Ministry of the Interior announced more details relating to procedures to be followed by surrogacy parents...

A London hospital wants to balance its budget by selling sperm

18 April 2017

In the United Kingdom, a National Health Service (NHS) hospital in  London wants to balance its budget by selling sperm. Although it is a non-profit-...


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