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Extremely premature lambs kept alive in an "artificial uterus"

15 April 2019

In 2017, a team of researchers announced that they had kept premature lamb foetuses alive in an "artificial uterus". Last month, the same scientists said that...

In vitro fertilization associated with small increase in childhood cancer risk

15 April 2019

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have carried out a large-scale study to investigate the risk of cancer in children born from IVF[1]. This study,...

A 61-year-old American woman gives birth to her own granddaughter

15 April 2019

An American woman in Nebraska gave birth to her granddaughter on 25 March at the age of 61. "If you want me to be the gestational carrier, I’d do it in a...

MAR: 1,000 embryo adoptions in Spain

08 April 2019

Resulting from medically assisted reproduction procedures, supernumerary embryos will be destroyed, handed over for research or offered for adoption, depending...


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