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Search for biological father - DNA test proves that the information is wrong

08 February 2019

Ian Wood, an Australian from Melbourne, was contacted by a 34-year-old man claiming to be his biological son. First shock. Ian Wood did in fact donate sperm in...

Alternative to IVF: London hospital freezes ovaries

08 February 2019

This could prevent medically assisted pregnancy (MAP) for thousands of women with cancer, who are at risk of becoming infertile during treatment. Instead of...

Woman pregnant with "three-parent" baby in Barcelona

08 February 2019

A new "three-parent" pregnancy has been attempted by Spanish researchers. The 32 year-old pregnant woman is Greek. She has already had four attempts at IVF,...

Embryos accidentally thawed: 8 more families are suing

08 February 2019

In Ohio, eight new families are suing the Cleveland fertility clinic, which had allowed 4,000 frozen embryos to perish due to a lack of monitoring in March...


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