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Barcelona: adoption of abandoned embryos

19 October 2018

In Spain, when parents who have had access to medically assisted reproduction do not use their embryos, the law authorises reproduction centres to use them for...

India: child trafficking following theft of sperm and egg samples

19 October 2018

In Delhi, a child-trafficking gang linked to a surrogacy centre stole sperm and egg samples from an IFV centre. This centre then sold the samples on to...

Uterus transplants pose the same ethical problems as surrogacy

19 October 2018

A researcher at Linköping University in Sweden[1] has studied the ethical aspects of uterine transplantation, and concludes that this procedure is not...

"It's not enough to want a child, because there's more to it than paying 400 euros to conceive"

19 October 2018

Jean-Christophe Parisot, Ministerial Delegate for Employment and the Integration of Individuals with Disabilities, has published an article in French newspaper...


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