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Bioethics press synthesis

Treatment of cancer and infertility: Alternatives to MAP (Medically Assisted Procreation)

24 February 2017

A team of scientists in Massachusetts has noted that the anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) could prevent chemotherapy-induced ovarian damage. Pre-clinical trials in...

Creation of a child after death: The Israeli Court of Appeal says no

17 February 2017

In Israel, a court authorised a couple to use their son's sperm, harvested after his death in a car accident, for IVF involving a surrogate mother to ...

The European Parliament rejects draft report on surrogacy

16 February 2017

Although the Committee on Legal Affairs called for a draft report on surrogacy, its proposal has been rejected by the European Parliament.   This...

Egg donors cannot give their informed consent

14 February 2017

"When Catherine volunteered to donate her eggs, she had to enter her SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) results on the admission form. But no-one asked her if she...


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