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Bioethics press synthesis

Disappearance of anonymity in biological parentage – and anonymous delivery?

10 December 2018

A review of the bioethics law challenges sperm donor anonymity "which could be removed" for two reasons: the international commitments signed by France in...

Gamete donor anonymity in jeopardy

30 November 2018

Currently, in the US, "the unprecedented rise in individual DNA testing enables those born from anonymous sperm or egg donation to identify their 'donor' in...

Surrogacy in Cambodia: Fifteen new arrests in Phnom Penh

30 November 2018

Fifteen people were arrested in Cambodia on 8 November 2018 on suspicion of surrogacy. The group comprised eleven pregnant women, two men and two cooks....

Surrogacy now available to homosexuals in the Netherlands

30 November 2018

Although surrogacy was already available to heterosexual couples in the Netherlands, two clinics are planning to introduce surrogacy contracts for homosexuals...


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