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Tenth artificial heart implant for Carmat

01 August 2018

The company Carmat  recently performed an artificial heart implant for its tenth patient (see: Carmat prepares to market its artificial heart)....

Presumed consent: Argentina changes law on organ donation

23 July 2018

The Argentina's Lower House has adopted "Justina's law" which presumes consent for organ donation. As from today, "all adults over 18 are organ donors unless...

Organ transplantation in China - good developments or hidden trafficking?

23 July 2018

A lack of real transparency is apparent in the Chinese organ transplant system. After years of controversy over the execution of political prisoners with a...

Woman gives birth to baby boy in Italy after receiving uterus transplant from her twin sister

23 July 2018

A woman with a congenital malformation gave birth to a baby boy on Thursday, after receiving a uterus transplant from her twin sister. The baby was born in...


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