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Xenotransplants: are the first human trials imminent?

15 April 2019

Researchers in South Korea are expected to transplant pig corneas into humans "within a year". Several teams in the United States are also preparing to launch...

First kidney transplant from a living HIV-positive donor

08 April 2019

Since a federal law enacted by Barack Obama in 2013, people with AIDS have been allowed to donate their organs to recipients who are also HIV positive upon...

In South Africa: first transplants of middle-ear bones made using 3D technology

25 March 2019

On Thursday, a South African medical team announced that it had fitted "transplants of small middle-ear bones [1] made using 3D printing". This is reportedly "...

Organ donation in the United Kingdom: towards instrumentalizing the death of minors?

18 March 2019

On Sunday evening, the UK’s health secretary Matt Hancock appealed for organ donations from young children. Although adult donations have increased by one-...


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