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China: Surrogacy to revitalise the birth rate?

17 February 2017

Last year, China terminated its one child policy "to off-set the ageing population". But this step did not have the anticipated effect: "90 million couples had...

Cultivating transplant organs in a host animal: an experiment involving rats and mice

03 February 2017

Japanese, American and British scientists have carried out a feasibility study on growing transplant organs in a host animal with a view to interspecies grafts...

Creation of porcine-human embryos: chimera captivate scientists but raise serious ethical problems

02 February 2017

Scientists have announced "the creation, for the very first time, of chimera embryos containing human and porcine cells". The authors of the study are American...

Spain holds the record in organ donation

23 January 2017

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Transplantation, Spain is the "World Organ Donation Champion" for the 24th consecutive year...


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