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Organ donation increasing in Quebec

21 March 2017

On Thursday, Transplant Quebec published its 2016 annual statement on organ donation: "Quebec hospitals are witnessing more organ donations and fewer refusals...

Selling organs - the most brutal solution for Syrian refugees in Turkey

02 March 2017

German state television has carried out an investigation into organ trafficking - a "worrying situation", especially on the Turkish border. Journalists met...

Canada: Increase in overdose-related deaths and organ donation

02 March 2017

According to the Health Authorities in British Columbia (Canada), "more organs are available for transplantation and some of these organs come from victims of...

China: Surrogacy to revitalise the birth rate?

17 February 2017

Last year, China terminated its one child policy "to off-set the ageing population". But this step did not have the anticipated effect: "90 million couples had...


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