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Understanding transplant rejections to avoid them

31 March 2017

Two scientists from Quebec, Marie-Josée Hébert and Mélanie Dieudé, “have just discovered why the human body sometimes rejects transplanted organs". After a...

eGenesis launches xenotransplantation trial

28 March 2017

The eGenesis start-up project has collected €38 million to finance porcine DNA modification trials. The aim is to create organ reservoirs for human transplants...

Organ donation increasing in Quebec

21 March 2017

On Thursday, Transplant Quebec published its 2016 annual statement on organ donation: "Quebec hospitals are witnessing more organ donations and fewer refusals...

Selling organs - the most brutal solution for Syrian refugees in Turkey

02 March 2017

German state television has carried out an investigation into organ trafficking - a "worrying situation", especially on the Turkish border. Journalists met...


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