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UN denounces organ trafficking

28 January 2019

On Monday, 7 January, the United Nations published a report in which it deplores the fact that human trafficking continues to be a largely unpunished crime,...

Robot-assisted uterine transplants: first pregnancy in Sweden

28 January 2019

In Sweden, the first country to have performed uterine transplants from live donors, a new study is trialling robot-assisted surgery. Six Swedish women have...

France - decrease in organ transplants in 2018

28 January 2019

The number of organ transplants in France fell in 2018: 5,781 transplants were performed, taking all organs into count, compared to 6,105 and 5,891 in 2017 and...

Post-transplant cancer: the family of a deceased patient requests further testing

07 January 2019

"We were told that he could develop cancer further down the line because his immune system was so suppressed, which we accepted, but we were never told that...


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