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Spain holds the record in organ donation

23 January 2017

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Transplantation, Spain is the "World Organ Donation Champion" for the 24th consecutive year...

The biggest international human organ trafficking network stopped in Egypt

19 December 2016

The Egyptian authorities have stated that they have shut down "the biggest international human organ trafficking network". The network comprised "Egyptians and...

Death of the fifth Carmat heart transplant patient: implants are suspended

09 December 2016

The fifth patient to receive an artificial heart produced by the Carmat Company died at the end of October. He underwent surgery in Nantes, approximately six...

Hacked cardiac implants: millions of wearers affected

09 December 2016

Several scientific studies have revealed that pacemakers, insulin pumps and cerebral implants can be easily hacked with dangerous consequences. This is bad...


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