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British scientists want to test the “stress response” of embryos conceived by IVF

05 July 2016

To increase in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) success rates and even “exceed that observed during natural fertilisation”, British scientists have put pressure on...

Authorisation of Pre-Implantation Screening in Switzerland: Multiple reactions

07 June 2016

On Sunday, the people of Switzerland accepted changes to the law governing Medically Assisted Procreation (see Pre-implantation Screening authorised in...

“PID is not seeking to reduce the disability but to get rid of the disabled”

26 May 2016

François Xavier Putallaz, Professor of Philosophy at Freiburg University, reviewed legislation governing the application of PGS(prenatal genetic screening), to...

“Designer babies” are now a reality

19 May 2016

A few American and Cypriot clinics offer a special service, namely “gender selection”. These clinics “mostly treat women who have no fertility problems” and...


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