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Switzerland: A National commission in favour of PGD for Down syndrome

04 April 2014

 On Thursday 27 March, the National Science Commission (i.e. commissioned by the National Council – the Lower House of Parliament) declared itself...

Switzerland: The Federal Head of Department prevents eugenic spin-offs of PGD

21 March 2014

 On Tuesday, 11 March 2014, in Switzerland, the Council of States authorised pre-implantation genetic diagnostics (PGD) for couples with a serious disease...

Switzerland on the point of authorising pre-implantation genetic diagnostics

11 March 2014

 The debate is underway today in Switzerland, in the State Council (upper chamber). Senators are starting to debate a Federal (government) Advisory Board...

IVF: a new technique for screening embryos

10 January 2014

 A team of scientists at Beijing and Harvard Universities have just developed a new method to screen healthy embryos within the scope of IVF (In-vitro...


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