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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis


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Autism: Embryo selection authorised in Western Australia

01 November 2013

 The Western Australian Health Authorities have just sanctioned pre-implantation diagnosis as part of an in-vitro fertilisation cycle for couples at risk...

Pre-implantation diagnosis: The Swiss Church fears misconduct

20 September 2013

 In Switzerland, whilst a draft law is currently being debated in Parliament to relax conditions for allowing pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD),...

Switzerland: PGD debated in Parliament

14 June 2013

 On Friday 7 June, the Swiss Federal Council transmitted to the Parliament a bill which, under certain conditions, would lift the "ban on...

Germany: the upper chamber of the Parliament gives the green light to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

12 February 2013

 On Friday, February 1st, "the upper chamber of the German parliament, the Bundesrat, gave the green light for restricted access to genetic tests on...


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