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UNESCO promotes reflection on a "humanistic approach" to artificial intelligence

18 March 2019

Last Monday, UNESCO's director-general Audrey Azoulay opened the first world conference to promote a "humanistic approach" to artificial intelligence (AI)....

Facial recognition system to diagnose genetic diseases: good or bad news?

28 January 2019

Published in the journal Nature Medicine on 7 January 2019, researchers outlined the results of a study using facial recognition to detect genetic disorders...

Jacques Testart vs Laurent Alexandre: Transhumanism in the spotlight

27 June 2018

For Jacques Testart, transhumanism is “an infantile ideology that takes advantage of the extraordinary progress of technoscience over the last decade, to bring...

China: smart cameras monitor concentration of high school pupils

11 June 2018

At Hangzhou Number High School in eastern China, artificial intelligence monitors the attention span of pupils and provides feedback to the teacher. In fact,...


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