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China: smart cameras monitor concentration of high school pupils

11 June 2018

At Hangzhou Number High School in eastern China, artificial intelligence monitors the attention span of pupils and provides feedback to the teacher. In fact,...

Artificial intelligence in medicine: regulations at the heart of the debate

14 May 2018

Although the States General on Bioethics consultation, which has just drawn to a close, highlighted numerous claims in terms of medically assisted reproduction...

For Jacques Testart, transhumanism is a new form of eugenics

26 April 2018

“Modernity has popularized the right to a child and is now engendering the right to a child of a certain quality.” Jacques Testart, the author of a new book...

"It's not my fault - my brain implant made me do it"

17 April 2018

Treated for specific disorders - serious obsessive compulsive disorder and epilepsy, etc. - patients given deep brain stimulation have noticed changes in how...


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