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Blind woman regains sight thanks to first bionic eye in Belgium

17 April 2018

Glasses fitted with cameras, an antenna-connected hand-held computer and a retinal implant that sends signals to the optic nerve make up Argus II - the bionic...

Five key regulations for creating an ethical AI framework

17 April 2018

In his work, MP Cedric Villani, who must submit his report on artificial intelligence (AI) tomorrow, has encountered the Ethik-IA (AI Ethics) initiative, which...

British man claims to be the world's first "cyborg" - half man, half robot

01 March 2018

Thanks to an antenna, which has been attached to his brain since 2004, Neil Harbisson, who was born with achromatopsia - a condition that has condemned him to...

Transhumanism: "The real danger for the future of mankind is the commercialisation of life"

11 December 2017

In an interview with Le Figaro, Jean-Marie le Méné[1], President of the Fondation Lejeune, and Laurent Alexandre[2], surgeon and neurobiologist, compare their...


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