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A brain implant to improve memory

06 December 2017

Scientists at the University of Southern Carolina (USA) have allegedly increased the memory function of volunteers by up to 30% thanks to a brain implant. The...

Robotics: trivialised up-dates give cause for concern

20 November 2017

At the end of October, a humanoid robot was given Saudi nationality (see Humanoid robot awarded Saudi nationality). This week, an android with the...

A humanoid robot obtains Saudi citizenship

06 November 2017

On 25 October, Saudi Arabia granted Saudi citizenship to a humanoid robot, Sophia, created by the  Hanson Robotics Company. This is a world first,...

An "ethical black box" urgently required for robots

28 July 2017

Robots are gradually entering the public domain and are increasingly interacting with humans. With regard to ethical questions, university lecturers are...


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