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The quest for immortality curtailed by an American study

14 October 2016

"Our results suggest that human life could have a natural time limit" according to American scientists in a study published by Nature. They studied the "super-...

“ReAnima” trial: scientists attempt to bring clinically dead patients back to life

10 May 2016

An American biotechnology company, Bioquark, “has just been granted permission to carry out a clinical trial aimed at documenting the possibility of bringing...

Artificial intelligence: machine beats man at the go game

15 March 2016

Lee Seldol, the go world champion, finally admitted defeat today opposite Alphago, the program developed by Google Deep Mind, following an extremely tight...

An “incredibly realistic” bionic hand

23 February 2016

Zhe Xu and Emanuel Todorov, two scientists at Washington University, have developed an “incredibly realistic” bionic hand. This prosthesis “reproduces almost...


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