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Creation of a research company to avoid artificial intelligence spin-offs

14 December 2015

OpenAI was officially launched on Friday. This is a “research company” which “aims to prevent artificial intelligence spin-offs”. Composed of “several Silicon...

Artificial skin: scientists reproduce the touch sensation in the laboratory

19 October 2015

Following on from the development of prostheses capable of experiencing humidity, heat and pressure as well as discerning the consistency and shape of objects...

Neuroethics – a think-tank under construction

08 October 2015

Progress in the field of neuroscience is raising new ethical questions. Neurologists and philosophers are climbing on board, following along the lines of the...

The artificial hand "of the future" restores the sense of touch

17 September 2015

On Friday, 11 September 2015, during a seminar, the American Ministry of Defence research laboratory, DARPA, declared that teams of scientists at the Applied...


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